Clovers - Des bijoux qu'on ne voit pas partout...

I have always been superstitious...

When I was a child I was looking for 4-leaf clovers 🍀 and ladybugs 🐞 in the garden and I made a wish!

Having quickly discovered that the clovers were more practical than the ladybugs (especially regarding their storage), so I kept these small comforting lucky bears near me...

Fascinated by jewellery, I started to create my own bracelets 3 years ago with the will that the clovers are often present in my creations to bring luck and happiness to my clients 🍀

This activity was ideal, she occupied my princess who wanted to do like her mom, developed her creativity and protected my credit card from jewellery!

After a long search, I began to add to my jewellery volcanic lava beads known for their spongy properties that allowed odours to be retained.

The perfume is a brand of glamour for a woman but rarely holding a whole day despite the price of the milliliter...

The first perfumed bracelets have therefore naturally arrived in my workshop!

Today they come in more than 50 different models in Liberty or woven silk.

This is how the Clovers brand was born!

Recently, jewellery made of semi precious metals (silver and gold-plated) have invaded my workshop to diversify my creations and always offer original jewellery at prices accessible to all.

At Clovers you will find original creations, made with passion and especially that we do not see (yet) on all the wrists

Thanks for your visit 💓

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